What we stand for...

Komatsu Mining Germany Komatsu Mining Germany is the Komatsu manufacturing facility for super large hydraulic mining shovels in Europe.

Our commitment to high quality standards is represented by our hydraulic excavators which are designed to maximize your production reliability.

Komatsu Mining Germany's spare part center, as well as our numerous dealers, provides support in any situation to keep your business running.

Our products…


15-16 m³ standard bucket


22 m³ standard bucket

The PC3000 combines power and strength to make your mining business more efficient.

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Quality plays a big role for Komatsu and also our Super Shovel such as the PC4000.

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29 m³ standard bucket


42 m³ standard bucket

The PC5500 is one of the leading Mining Shovels in its class.

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With over 750 tons, the PC8000 combines all capabilities for efficient mining.